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3 great upgrades for the next edition that will turn the Challenge Cup in a better event for their participants

Challenge Cup organization is always looking for upgrades that can improve the experience of their participants. These are 3 for the next season:

Participants will be able to choose their accommodation
One of the fixes of Challenge Cup participants and other sporting events is that they only knew their accommodation within a few weeks of the start of event and, worse, could not choose it.
In the next edition, the Challenge Cup will present a list of accommodations and the team will choose where you prefer to spend this week of competition and fun.

Bigger and more international
With an improvement in local logistics, it will be possible to receive in 2020, around 200 soccer and handball teams.
As a result of the growing awareness of the event, the organization expect to receive more international teams in the next edition, which enhances the multicultural event experience.

More participating categories
The Challenge Cup will host one more women's Football category, and one more category of each Handball genre, giving more athletes / teams the opportunity to participate in this sporting festival.

Travel to Algarve regular fare, Challenge Cup is free

Join the 200 teams that will play this international youth cup for free and enjoy the wonderfull region of Algarve

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Last update: September 19, 2023