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4 reasons why coaches should take their teams to International Youth Tournaments

Regarding the feedback received from participating coaches at Challenge Cup Tournaments 2019, these are the 4 stronger reasons to come in 2020 edition:

3 in 1!
Enjoy 3 passions in one event: Sport, family and vacations. Join a competition with vacations in a different city with the family is definitively one of the most exciting plans for young players.

Talent detection
Many players and coaches feel it is difficult to express their talents in youth leagues. A tournament like Challenge Cup is a showcase to hundreds of teams from different countries in the World.

Improve players relationship
In a tournament, players spend a whole week together improving their personal relationships and experimenting good environment inside and outside the pitch.

Builds discipline
In a week of competition, there is no chance to fail. Teams have 4-6 matches, and every match is a challenge where a defeat can ditate the end of the tournament. Players and coaches must avoid "common" mistakes that could compromise their performance in these intense competitions.

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