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The top 5 things that Challenge Cup participants loved most

After receiving all the inquiries about Challenge Cup 2019, these are the 5 most voted things that our participants loved most.

Opening Ceremony
In the last edition, we received in "Praia da Rocha" beach more than 3000 people for a unique international moment with all the tournament participants and their families.

Slide & Splash Aquatic Park
All Challenge Cup participants have a free entry in the biggest aquatic park of Portugal, the Slide & Splash in Lagoa. Thousands of young players enjoyed this amazing attraction.

Challenge Cup has partnerships with several Hotels in Portimão, Albufeira and Lagoa, ensuring good hotels at great prices.

The Algarve region has more than 100 football clubs(some of them currently playing in the first and second Portuguese football division), offering several good conditions for the hundreds of matches played.

The Algarve region has been awarded the World Travel Award 6 times in the last 8 years as the best beach destination in Europe. More than 90 were wared with the "blue flag" and are considered some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Travel to Algarve regular fare, Challenge Cup is free

Join the 200 teams that will play this international youth cup for free and enjoy the wonderfull region of Algarve

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